Member's Agreement

Polite and Respectful

I will abide by the rules of the car, and respect everyone in the car throughout the road trip.


Rules and Regulations

I will abide by all rules of the car, along with all State laws the apply the road safety wherever I may be, to help insure myself and others their safety.


Be Dependable

I will keep to my agreement and arrive for the trip on time, respect the car and others by cleaning up after myself, and follow the rules provided by the driver.


Give Accurate Facts

I will provide all of the correct information about myself, along with a real photo of myself that is up to date. I will also post rides that I have every intentions of making.


Give Honest Reviews

I will leave reviews that are polite,true, and respectful of others. I will explain any complaints or feelings in a well mannered way.


Have Fun

I will do everything I can possible to have an outstanding road trip for myself and others, to help assure a great time.