How it Works



Drivers - Drivers post their trips for others to see.  They determine the value of their seats for the given journey. They will create a profile explaining themselves, their vehicle, and what sorts of rules and guidelines they may have for their journeys.

When a passenger has requested a seat in the drivers vehicle, the driver then has the ability to view this possible passengers profile, and decide whether or not they approve of this person to ride along with them.


*Drivers must also remember to set a reasonable price for their seats. They are only trying to share the expense between them and the passengers for the road trip. Drivers are not trying to make a profit from their journey. Remember, at Jake's KAR, we are focused on Keeping Affordable Roads.


Passengers - Passengers search for their possible trips by entering where they are searching to leave from, the destination they are going to,and the date that works best for them. Once they have found a ride that best fits their schedule, they then request a ride with the given driver. Once the driver approves their request, then all information regarding the trips rendezvous location, and forms of contact between the driver and passenger, will be given to passenger. 


All transactions will be fully processed after the trip is completed.


Drivers and passengers will be able to leave reviews about one another, and their experiences throughout the road trip.