About Jakes KAR



Jake moved to Spain for a year, where he taught English to children at a Church/Private school. While living there, he met his future wife.  Jake lived in Spain for a total of four years, and fell in love with the forms of transportation in Europe. Everything seemed to be much easier to follow, cheaper, and a lot more convenient. He also found that they have road trip services, that help to make long distance travels more enjoyable. With these services, he was able to take road trips with others traveling in the same direction, and practice his Spanish while riding along.  He also found that the conversations he had with the other passengers and driver helped to make the journey go by faster. He knew that the United States needed this form of transportation.  Now that Jake and his wife have moved back to the United States, Jake has decided to bring his European experiences here, and let others experience the leisure of taking a Road Trip in a more affordable and safe way.